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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 7, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i would never say who it was. but you might know. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. president obama takes another shot at the christian faith, suggesting during an easter breakfast that he is concerned by, quote, less than loving christians. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. earlier today the president using his annual easter prayer breakfast offered on this tuesday, to express his disappointment with some practicing christians. listen. >> on easter, i do reflect on the fact that as a christian, i am supposed to love. and i have to say that sometimes when i listen to less than
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loving expressions by christians, i get concerned. but that's a topic for another day. >> one might assume the president was making a reference to the fight over indiana's religious freedom law. but the white house later refused to comment on the president's meaning. nevertheless, his remarks come as christians are increasingly being targeted by terrorists worldwide. remember, it was just last week that more than 140 people died at the hands of islamic terrorists at a university in kenya. witnesses say the killers specifically singled out christians for execution. in february the world was horrified as 21 egyptian christians were marched to their deaths in libya, forced to kneel down before they had their throats slit. yet the white house chose to identify these victims at the time as egyptian citizens. all this comes as the pope becomes increasingly vocal about the plight of christians being
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targeted for their faith. repeatedly warning the world this easter weekend not to turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed. tony perkins is president of the family research council. tony, good to see you tonight. so it doesn't seem that there's much doubt what the president was referring to as pundits from both sides of the aisle said he was referring to the indiana religious freedom law and seemed to be passing rather harsh judgment on it. >> well, megyn, you're right, i think that's true. it's not the president's consistent swipes at orthodox christianity, it was a missed opportunity that as a prayer breakfast for easter where the president once again failed to bring attention to the persecution of christians from around the world that they embrace jesus christ and follow him. moms and dads and brothers and sisters, as you pointed out on friday, 150 students in kenya
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killed, separated the muslims and christians. the christians were killed. the white house didn't acknowledge that. we see this is not happening, megyn, in a vacuum. i think there's a reason the president doesn't want to talk about this persecution of christians, because in part, his policies are responsible. the growing hostility toward christianity here at home is fostering an environment where tyrants and terrorists feel free to kill people, to kill christians because of their faith. >> don't you think that's taking it a bit too far? president obama is not exactly out there defending christians in indiana who have religious beliefs. but to say his policies are leading to the murders of christians. >> i'm saying his policies are fostering an environment where tyrants and terrorists have no protection of the oppressed. in the shadow he's cast with his
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policies, we see more and more christians being persecuted, their lives taken from them in far-away places you cannot escape the fact that what america does has consequences elsewhere. >> of course, he went in the christians in iraq being attacked by isis and so the president has not sat by idly in all instances. tell me if i'm wrong but this comment today, at an easter prayer breakfast seemed directed at a national political issue. an issue that he himself was on the other side of just two years ago in 2012. he said he opposed gay marriage. when he was running for this job that he holds right now, this is what he told pastor rick warren, very publicly. listen. >> i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. now, for me as a christian -- [ applause ] >> for me as a christian, it's
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also a sacred union. >> with that, you know, a less than loving expression by a christian that gets him concerned, as he now claimed this morning. >> well apparently in the president's eyes in the vice president's eyes, yes. the position that a majority of americans still hold today, that they view marriage as a union of a man and a woman is unacceptable to the president today, and is bigoted and hateful according to him. and again the domestic policies that this president is pushing, that is fostering this intolerance, and what indiana is about, not to rehash that issue was to allow people to live their lives according to their faith. it wasn't to deny anyone anything, or take anything away from anybody. it was simply to allow people of genuine faith to live their lives according to their faith. that's what america has been about since its very inception. >> this is not the first time, this is the easter prayer breakfast, the holiest holiday
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in christianity easter. this is an easter prayer breakfast which he goes off script to criticize krit chans christians. then it happened not long ago at the national prayer breakfast where he decided to lecture christians not to be on their high horse when it comes to judging radical islamic terrorists. remember this? >> lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the crusade the inquisitions, people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. >> the question is whether those comments do real damage, not just to morale among christians about what their own president thinks of them but to the enemy. you know, not -- >> no question. >> not that he's causing death, but that they feel he won't stand up for christians who are under threat.
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>> look, in a nation where almost 80% of people, america identify as christian, to have a president that is continually dismissive of christianity, there's no question that that sends a message to bad people in places far away that will do bad things as a result. look, america has long been seen as the beacon of light, hope and freedom. and that has been fostered by our christian ethic. and we have been a defender of all faiths. that's why this president can get away with saying these things, because christianity is tolerant. christianity allows these things. we allow people of other faiths to live here. we welcome them. but we want to exercise our faith, too. i would take instruction from the apostle paul who as a roman citizen, he challenged his government and he demanded his rights. i think it's time, and i think it's happening that more and more christians are going to exercise their rights and demand their rights as american citizens to be free to express
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their faith and live it here in this country. >> tony perkins, thank you for being here. >> thanks, megyn. >> joining me with more, richard fowler, a national radio host. i don't know about the suggestion that president obama's policies have led to deaths okay? but i get the point that when you keep using like these opportunities at these big moments the national prayer breakfast, the national easter breakfast, important days for christians, to bash christians. it may send the wrong message no? >> here's the thing. i think about the holiday of easter, and celebrating the resurrection of christ. christ criticized the most religious sector as well. treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated. that is what the president is trying to espouse. >> do you agree, he's making a reference to indiana there? >> most definitely. >> so what is up with the lecture on being tolerant and
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not offering less than loving expressions, and how concerned he gets when he himself was doing that all the way through 2012? >> here's the thing. one, i think the president evolved over time. everybody has the ability to evolve and change their views. >> but the high horse, maybe he shouldn't be on the high horse when he was just like on the lower horse a couple of years ago. the little pony. >> i agree with you at that point, megyn. if you go back to the bible on this one, it says love your neighbor as you like to be loved, it doesn't matter if your neighbor is black white, gay, lesbian or transgender. if you believe in love, you should not believe in discrimination. >> i get that. i get that. there is a question about whether you know what would jesus do when two people love each other? >> i think jesus would hang out with the lgbt folks, i've got to tell you. >> let me ask you this, what is
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with the singling out of the christians? one guy online did a little survey where he pretended he was a gay man and went into the muslim bakeries and asked them to provide a cake for his gay wedding wedding. and they said move along. why do they not make a big deal, why does the president not call out those who practice islam for their refusal to embrace the lbgt community? >> i think you have a good point there. when you talk about this gay marriage issue you have two sides. you have the gay rights side and evangelicals. there's a huge middle that we're missing. muslims who don't believe in gay marriage, or atheists who don't believe in gay marriage. that's part of the problem. whether it's caused by washington or the activists on both sides is still a debate to still be had. basically the constitution is
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life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. everybody has the right to pursue happiness. if you are gay and that makes you happy you should have the right to pursue that. if the baker is open for business, he's open for everybody. >> picturing jesus with the rainbow confetti. you know -- >> the elton john wedding. >> richard great to see you. >> good to see you, too, megyn. new questions in the controversy over "rolling stone" story accusing a college fraternity of a gang rape that never happened. are truth and facts getting in the way of the stories and political agenda. tonight we'll introduce you to the man they're calling a formidable candidate who could take it all. the hot story of the night involves a new book that exposes new secrets from inside the white house. in particular, the clinton white house. we'll speak with the author and
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developing tonight a number of media outlets are showing support for "rolling stone" magazine after the publication was slammed over a discredited story over a gang rape at a fraternity house. despite the fact a columbia university team called the report a complete journalism failure, some suggesting that even though the story was fabricated or at least grossly wrong, it achieved a noble goal, saying it shed light on an epidemic of rape on college campuses. a uva graduate brit the ends justify the means maybe in the minds of some. >> that's what it sounds like megyn. it's very disturbing to me as a reporter that this attitude is taken. this story is basically a complete and utter disaster. people were harmed by it. the university was damaged by it. the fraternity was damaged by it. members of the fraternity
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because people obviously know who they are were damaged by it. and for anybody to defend this in any way is amazing. defending this makes no sense. it is indefensible. to say it serves some larger cause is nonsense. are people really going to be more willing and sympathetic to believe the next claimed rape victim who comes along? i think not. the problem i have with this, meg megyn, that all of the journalists have feelings about what we cover. and we walk a fine line between reporting the news because we want to get it right and because we think it's interesting, and reporting the news because we think we're going to accomplish some sort of social change. and when the second motivation bleeds over into our work, that's when we're in trouble. that's what it seems to me was very much at work here and very much at work in the reactions you just described. >> we're not here to push a conclusion. or agenda. we're here to report the facts.
9:17 pm
that's what you told me when you sent me down to report the fake duke rape case as it turned out to be. what we see here is still reporters bending over backwards to talk about women's rights and female victims on campus, with nary a word about the young men whose lives are being ruined in some instances unfairly, and were nearly ruined here by false accusations. >> what you see here is the tyranny of this narrative. the narrative is that women on campuses are a vulnerable group, especially vulnerable group who were subject to the degradations of the men, and college campuses are dangerous places. the best data suggests that if you're of college age you're less likely to be molested if you're a college student than if you're not. >> that's right. >> the idea that campuses across the country are some sort of hot
9:18 pm
beds i think is nonsense. i myself totally dispute the notion that you've got a 1 in 5 chance of being sexually assaulted on a campus today. i don't believe it. >> that came from a web-based survey that only talked to two universities. and much more likely to say something in a web form where there's no accountability. but the stat you cited comes from the bureau of justice statistics national crime survey. it shows nonstudents are more likely to get raped than students are. and not just that brit but the facts show, this is from, the bureau of justice statistics, showing sexual assault has been cut by nearly two-thirds since 1995. what's really happening here? >> what's really happening here is i think an almost entirely false narrative, a word i didn't used to like but i have to use it here, has been perpetuated i think largely by the american
9:19 pm
left. but a great many journalists have bought into this. college administrators across the country under pressure to some extent from the administration, from the government, are accepting this as fact. you see it echoed, even throughout this by the comments of the president of the university of virginia, teresa sullivan. when the charlottesville police department came out and said they could find no evidence that this crime actually happened, the thing that she wanted to point to was something in their report that said that indeed the university had been simympathetic to this woman who claimed to have been raped and that they had treated her properly. she should not have been treated properly. she's a liar. at the university of virginia, there's an honor system and it used to work. if you told a whopper like this, damaging the university, and obviously not true, you would be out of there. you'd be gone. why it is that that student so far as we know still remains at the university of virginia is beyond my imagination. but it does suggest that the
9:20 pm
honor system down there is not what it used to be. >> obviously it is not okay for young men to sexually assault young women but it is also not okay to falsely accuse innocent young men of a horrific crime like gang rape and then escape from doing so by complete impunity. i've got to go brit. great seeing you. >> thank you, megyn. our legal experts weigh in next whether the smeared uva fraternity members have a case against this woman who appears to have falsely accused them all of gang rape. lots of controversy today about the call that may have cost wisconsin the ncaa championship last night. i watched it. along with my husband after "the kelly file" was over, of course. was it right or wrong? that's next with today's hot topic. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!!
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developing tonight, back to the uva rape scandal story we know the phi kappa psi fraternity is going to sue "rolling stone," but can they go after jackie, the accuser? arthur, let me start with you on that. can they go after jackie? >> absolutely. they have a lot more work to do there than going after rolling stone. "rolling stone" asked the columbia school of journalism to
9:24 pm
basically do an analysis of their story. and they got filleted by the school. >> but the question is how can they go after the accuser when she didn't name names in the fraternity? >> they'll have to show that she intentionally, she knowingly -- those are the words you're looking for, did she do this intentional intentionally, knowingly cause the harm that was done to the individuals and to the fraternity. >> mark, could there be any criminal penalties to jackie, who not only told the story to "rolling stone," but ultimately reported it to the campus police, to the city police as well, refusing to go into detail, she said because she feared retaliation, but now we know why she didn't go into details. >> absolutely. first of all, this was false manufactured by her and she told the law enforcement with the intent of having them arrested, absolutely. this guys went from being the big men on campus to the big
9:25 pm
rapists on campus. don't tell me about the presumption of innocence that just applies in the court. it doesn't apply in the public court of opinion. people believed this fraternity was made up of a bunch of guys who rape women. and they were harmed and this woman should be held accountable. >> not everybody sees the harm undone after they see the initial harm. arthur, let me ask you about the big ncaa game last night which some are saying was a bad call by the refs that basically gave duke the game. what, they think the score should be reversed? >> obviously that doesn't happen. >> what are we seeing here? >> what you're seeing is the rebound. and you're going to see the fingertip of the duke player is the last one to touch it as it goes out of bounds. it should be wisconsin ball, with 30 seconds left. what the refs are saying is that they didn't have the same angle, megyn, that you and doug had on your home television screen when the officials are making
9:26 pm
the judgment. it's a travesty. that should be a lawsuit that they can't see -- >> now arthur. >> that you can see this at home. >> go ahead, mark. >> the standard has to be conclusive evidence to reverse the call. the video that i saw again i have no bone, i don't care who wins, clearly shows 100% without a doubt that maybe the ball was touched. if you can't show it conclusively conclusively -- >> what do you think, megyn? you saw it. >> forget it. stop whining. i'm so bitter over syracuse. >> i know. >> serious news out of south carolina after a police officer claimed that he had to shoot a man, the decedent is black, police officer white a video by a by stander shows a different story. watch what we have of it. stand by.
9:27 pm
my apology. i should have washed the viewers that is a graphic piece of video. that is a man losing his life there arthur. now the police officer has been charged. tell us why. >> okay. what the district attorney's office has said is he did not have a reasonable belief to believe his life was truly in harm. you could use deadly force against deadly force. the police officer is saying, he stole my taser. to me, it was deadly force. i was in fear of my life. >> as he was running away? >> as the criminal defense attorney, i would say that video starts after the initial altercation. >> he was running away. >> say it all you want. taillights, he's an unarmed man shot in the back eight shots,
9:28 pm
five hit him in the back, one through the heart. this one finally because of technology, this guy is going down. unless there's something else we don't know about. >> the cop has been charged with murder tonight. guys, thanks so much. >> have a great night, megyn. in chicago rahm emanuel's struggle to win reelection as mayor. we'll have the news for you next. and then, the hot story of the night involves a new book revealing new secrets inside the clinton white house. we'll be joined by the author of the new explosive book. and whether mrs. clinton may now face some tough new questions. not to be judgmental, but from where i'm sitting... it's your gas that's out of order in this court. the pressure. the bloating. get gas-x. it relieves all those symptoms in minutes. that's why it's the #1 gas relief brand. you wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a spin and it's...well...just a car. test-drive our full lineup only at your local john deere dealer.
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. breaking tonight much the associated press reporting that chicago mayor rahm emanuel has won reelection. the hard-fought race once threatened to unseat the former chief of staff to president obama.
9:32 pm
14 years after the clintons left 1600 pennsylvania avenue, washington is again buzzing about what took place behind closed doors in the days following the monica lewinsky affair. in a new book called "the residents inside the private world of the white house," staffers give a revealing look of the private lives of the first families. this isn't just about the clintons but there's interesting stuff in there about hillary and bill after the lewinsky scandal. >> that's right. it's really fascinating that the staffers kept this all to themselves all these years. it shows how important discretion is in the white house. during the lewinsky scandal, a tumultuous time to be there. one said it was like a morgue. >> he had to get stitches because of what she threw at him? >> the rumor was she threw a book at him after an argument. one of the staffers was called up to the bedroom and saw blood on the bed. but they were under this intense
9:33 pm
scrutiny. a lot of the staffers, especially the maids, really sided with hillary clinton. and she had the president sleeping on the sofa. >> of course he was. >> right. >> how did the clintons treat the staff? >> they were very paranoid. it took them a long time to get used to having staff around them. unlike the bushes, who had been used to having help. they were -- sometimes 2:00 3:00 in the morning they would be moving furniture around in the residence, which is a strange thing to be doing. >> what did they do with the phone lines? >> they changed the phone lines to interior circuitry so they could make calls themselves without having to go through an operator. they didn't like the idea of somebody listening in on their phone calls. >> what about chelsea clinton referring to the secret service as pigs? >> he was in the room in the kitchen when chelsea was on the phone with a friend. she said, i've got to go one of the pigs is here. he said that he saw this, and on
9:34 pm
the record saying it. she was really beloved among the resident staffers. >> that was a one off. >> she even practiced cooking with them in the white house kitchen before she went off to stanford. >> who was the most liked first couple? >> president george h.w. bush. they would have horseshoe competitions with the other staffers. they would throw horseshoes after work. he would invite some of them for dinner in the private dining room. >> what was up with lbj and his shower? >> he was absolutely obsessed with the shower. he wanted it to have a needle-like intensity, almost like a fire hose strength intensity going from hot to cold. he would travel with six different shower nozzles. in fact, he was so obsessed that he drove one of the plumbers crazy. he really had a nervous breakdown. a couple days -- because they're so obsessed with cleaning, the family. they have this fierce loyalty. and everyone i talked to, even
9:35 pm
when they told me negative stories, they painted it in a positive light. they dedicate their lives to this job. some of them say they work white house flex time, which is whatever, 85 hours a week they're assigned. they give up private dinners with their families, birthdays, just to be there. >> incredible. so inside the private world of the white house. and she's spoken with over 100 mostly former staffers, one current. and there's nice words in there about barack obama and michelle obama and what appears to be a genuine love between the two of them. check it out. called "the residents." good luck with it. >> thank you. >> does it make a difference in hillary's almost inevitable run for president. mark, does it? >> it could. first of all, this is just like a fascinating book. you've got all these memoirs written about life inside the west wing. this is the first time someone's taken us for life inside the residence. it's revealing about the people who live there their values,
9:36 pm
their character comes through. it has implications for 2016 in the sense that as kate mentioned they were seen by their staff as being paranoid. one usher said they were the most paranoid people they've ever met in their life. >> is it paranoid to really think people are out to get you? >> i guess. we saw, for example in 1992, they had what we would today called a home-brew home system. so no one could listen in on their phone calls. if you want to know the roots of the home brew or private e-mail server, it goes back to 1992 when they didn't want to have anyone listening in on their phone calls. >> bill is bleeding, and she made him sleep op the sofa most women would be like, right on sister. >> absolutely. >> she seems like a sympathetic character. also she said most of the staffers said hillary knew all
9:37 pm
along about lewinsky but only ticked off when it became public. >> you saw her anger over the lewinsky situation. you saw how the white house staff went out of their way to try to help her through that. baking special cakes and trying to make her life easier. but you see ugly parts of the clinton family. kate mentioned the story about chelsea clinton where she said the pigs are here. what she didn't mention was that when the secret service officer confronted chelsea about that, hey, i took a pledge to take a bullet for your family, she said, that's what my mom and dad call you. >> i know but it's like triple, quadruple hear sea. like that's going to come back to haunt hillary clinton. george bush 41, the elder gets lots of praise. apparently the staff loved george h.w. bush and barbara bush. is that to the benefit of jeb bush? he's the kid. who knows how he's going to be, if he ever gets in there.
9:38 pm
>> i don't know if it inures to his favor. it certainly shows the values he comes from. the staff loved the bush family. both 41 and 43. they used to -- one of the things i remember when i was at the white house, they always spent christmas at camp david instead of going back to ken epunk port. they figured they would displace the least number of people who would miss christmas with their own families. they spent christmas in their own home so it would let the staff be with their families. >> i'll never forget being at the inauguration of barack obama, and huge portions of that crowd booed bush the elder and barbara bush, booed them. booed them. like, really? why? anyway, mark, good to see you. >> nicest people in the world. the man one publication is saying the presidential contender everyone is overl let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure.
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i don't miss the other stuff. meta health bars help promote heart health. experience the meta effect with our multi-health wellness line. ♪ ♪ two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. today i announce with god's help, with the help of liberty lovers everywhere, that i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was senator rand paul of kentucky. announcing that he will run for president in 2016. he's up on "hannity" in just a
9:43 pm
minute. cruz and jeb bush are getting lots of attention as intenders. and big stories on another potential candidate. john kasich of ohio the national journal writer went on to say he would be a formidable candidate. governor, great to see you. let's start with your reaction to senator rand paul officially getting into this race. >> well, megyn, look i tried this once before, 16, 17 years ago, to try to run. and it's a really awesome effort. and so anybody who wants to run, i take my hat off and salute them for the fact that they're willing to move forward and have the courage to take this effort on. good for him. and bully for rand paul. >> he's already getting hit by conservatives in the republican
9:44 pm
party. rand said he is to the left of president obama. and didn't come out and say whether he would vote for him over hillary clinton. and he's not the only one who was criticized rand paul as being weak in foreign policy. what's your view on it? >> i'm not in the business of criticizing rand paul or anybody else megyn. look, all my options are on the table for moving forward and considering a presidential run. and i think it's most important for me to talk about what i believe. >> if you wind up running, we'll make you do it. we want you to say what's different between you and the other republicans. >> look, i said i believe in ronald reagan's 11th commandment which is don't attack a fellow republican. at least not most of the time. >> let's talk about you. because you are one of these, i don't know i hope that's not offensive, but sleeper candidates that a lot of people in the know are saying, you better watch this, watch this guy, because he could come up
9:45 pm
and win the entire thing. >> look, we want to be united as a country megyn. you know what happens when we're divided, we're weaker. we're actually weaker at a time when we have so many enemies abroad who despise we even exist here. there are so many things that need to be fixed in our country, whether it's immigration, whether it's making sure our kids get a better education, the divisions between african-americans and whites in our country. these things, of course can be fixed. but they require a spirit of unity, uplifting people. what i've done in my job is to make sure that everybody feels they have a chance. that's not a handout, but a hand up. and i think that's what people want in the country. and some common sense. i'm a believer of the old american dream. my dad carried mail on his back. i was given a chance to become governor of ohio and maybe even run for president. i want that for everybody in our country. i think a unifying message is essential. >> the pundits say your blue collar roots and your ability to
9:46 pm
reach out to all people will really help you. and they say you're no mitt romney in that respect. he had difficulty connecting. it's not all rainbows and unicorns for john kasich. the thing the republicans question about you is he's a common core. a lot of republicans don't like common core. they say back in the day you favored bill clinton's assault rifle ban. the nra may say, watch out for him. you wound up getting behind an expansion of medicaid in your state. some of the core fiscal conservatives don't want the expansion of any program. what do you say? >> let me answer them all quickly. first of all, what we have in ohio are high standards for our children with the curriculum to deliver high standards set by school boards. not by john kasich, not by washington. it is locally driven. high standards for our kids.
9:47 pm
and the curriculum developed by local school boards. i can't think of anything that represents local control more than that. in terms of the assault weapon ban, here is a governor of ohio, i was supported overwhelmingly by the nra. because i do believe in the second amendment. in regard to medicaid expansion, that's a matter of bringing our money back from washington that's ohioans money to treat the mentally ill, and if we don't treat them they'll be in and out of our emergency rooms or prisons with an ongoing societal cost. there was a poll that came out and it said that i had the highest rating of in i governor in the critical swing states in the country. why is that? because ohio is doing better economically. if we don't do better economically, nothing else matters. >> you're looking at the polls in the swing states, and you're taking a trip to south carolina where ted cruz just went and jeb bush just went.
9:48 pm
south carolina, this time of year i'm sure it's just purely coincidental, when are you going to make a decision, if you are going to make a decision about running for president? >> megyn look, i talked to a guy who was thinking about running for president. he said john, take your time. we're taking steps to move forward to elevate what i'm trying to do. and i will make a decision when i think it's the right time, based on the right reasons. >> do you think it will be really hot out or more like spring when it's raining? >> it's probably going to be when it's starting to get warmer megyn. in many different ways. >> i'll take it. governor kasich great to see you. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, megyn. had to try. she was the reporter who found herself at the center of a white-hot debate in the run-up to the war in iraq. and judith miller with a new account of what really happened. don't miss this.
9:49 pm
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bush lied, people died. heard that before? george w. bush won that war in iraq, to avenge his father and line the pockets of his big oil friends. judith miller a journalist at "the new york times" for nearly 30 years, says it isn't true. and she says the reason she wrote articles for the "times" that helped convince the nation war in iraq was justified was bad information from the intel community. not lies from an evil administration bent on war. her new book is called the story, a reporter's journey, out today. judith miller, fox news contributor joins me now. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> boy, did they turn on you. they would have us believe that you would want to put us at war, lies spoon-fed you from the bush
9:53 pm
administration. you say it's not so? >> it's not so. i wish that i was spoon-fed anything. in fact i got my stories the old-fashioned way, the way you do the way we all do calling a million people, trying to -- having doors slammed in your face and trying to do the best you can with classified information. very hard. >> the intel community was giving you information that they believed was correct but wasn't. when it emerged that it wasn't correct, you wanted to go back and write new stories. >> exactly. >> speaking to that. what happened at the "times"? >> i think the times just wanted the story to go away. there was a lot of criticism from people who were opposed to the war a lot of people on the left who said we were lied into the water. "the new york times" was part of that. i don't think that's true. i don't think it's fair. the information was what it was. the intelligence was what it was. it took years to figure out how
9:54 pm
deep the divisions were, how thin the intelligence was. we didn't know that for two or three years after. >> they didn't want to do the de deconstruction on the bad information. in addition to be a fox news contributor, you are an ex-con. >> i'm proud of it. >> i covered this when i was a reporter. >> wow. >> i was very proud the fact that you went to jail to protect your source. you weren't willing to give him up in connection with this whole valerie plaim, whether she was a cia agent or she was outed, and blah, blah, blah blah. the point is you write in your book you believe "the new york times" turned on you when finally your source gave you permission, scooter libby to say he was your source, to get out of jail. you were like, okay, as fun as jail is i'm now going to do that, and the "times" didn't want you to do it? >> no, they wanted a clear victory, where the press was
9:55 pm
really winning, and where i didn't have to testify at all even though my source wanted me to testify. because he didn't think he had done anything wrong. the "times" said, no, no, stay in jail, more than three months. i had already been in three months. stay in jail another month and we'll have a clear victory because you won't have to testify. i thought, you know, my terms have been met. the source wanted me to testify. i'm in jail to protect him. if he wants me to -- >> christian disco music that you were dancing to in jail. >> i learned a lot in jail. >> what is this book about, at base? >> this is about how important the press is still with all of our flaws, with all of the mistakes we make to a democracy. and the importance of going back and looking at the story, and making sure you get it right. and when you get it wrong admitting you have. >> the story, a reporter's journey. very happy to have you on board here. >> tha
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
shooting of a black man. the charges come after authorities viewed this dramatic video showing the officer shoot 50-year-old water scott in the back. the shooting happened last weekend after a traffic stop. he told an attorney that he felt threatened and that scott had tried to grab his stun gun. chicago's mayor rahm emanuel in the end defeated his opponent. he was unable to capture a majority against four other candidates in february's election which forced tuesday's run-off. i'm jackie ibanez, "hannity" starts right now. welcome back to "hannity." tonight we're in louisville kentucky, because earlier today senator rand paul became the second republican to officially


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